Sunday, 25 October 2015

Useful Equipment’s for Water Analytics

Under the category of water analytics, there have been significant improvements in the products and new technologies have been developed by the companies to launch new products and even better options are available for water treatment industries. New Probes and cells have been introduced in the market to check water purity. Companies are evolving and providing best services to customers by ensuring complete installation, repair and maintenance of their products along with warranty services. Under the warranty services, on field repair and maintenance is provided on call.

There is huge demand for rugged and reliable instruments in the market and companies are focusing on new equipment’s for water analytics. There are introductions of pH probes which are used to measure the acidic levels from 0 to 14 with 0 level depicts most acidic level and 14 being the basic level of acidity. Another probe is used which is known as ORP (oxidation reduction potential) probe. It is commonly used to return voltage value proportional to the tendency of the solution to gain or lose the electrons from other substances.

Apart from this, there are new wide varieties of conductivity cells available for large applications which include use in industrial, power plants and even in laboratory applications. These cells are available with two electrode and four electrodes. Also there equipment’s can be used in high temperature applications as well and withstand most of the environmental conditions. There is constant demand for those companies which offer world class equipment’s while maintaining services, reliability and quality.